When it comes to home decor, shelfie is the new selfie. A perfectly curated shelf can wow your guests and make you feel like a pro decorator. Here are some shelf styling tips that anyone can follow, no matter what their aesthetic is.

5 decorating tips for shelves

1. Color coordinate

Stick to a palette or group similar items to make the shelf look more organized and intentional. This way it’s easier on the eyes, and less stimulation for the brain to take in.

2. Keep bulk low

Place the busier, messier, or heavier items on the bottom. If you have cabinets you can hide any items you don’t want on display behind the door. If not, a basket or box will work. Store those on the bottom levels.

This keeps clutter a little more out of sight, out of mind.

3. Mix it up

Mixed media makes shelves more interesting. They don’t have to be all books. Throw in some figurines, a piece of art, a plant, even an interesting bookend. I love adding tchotchkes I pick up while traveling.

4. Layer

This is not a library or a store. Not every shelf needs to line up perfectly in a row. Consider how you can bring some items forward or back, layered or stacked to add more visual interest to your shelves.

An easy way to do this would be adding a plant that hangs, such as a pothos or string of pearls, over the edge and in front of some books.

5. Edit

As you go, step back and keep an eye on the overall look of the shelves. They should be interesting and appealing up close and far away.

Edit as needed. You may need to try a few layouts out until you find the one.

Simple boho holiday shelf decorating idea. Notice the layers and matching color scheme!

That summarizes 5 simple ways to style a shelf. Got any shelf styling tips or questions of your own?? Drop them in the comments below! 💖

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