I’ve been doing Peerspace since the Spring of 2018, and I have over 90 5-STAR Reviews to show for it! 🤩 I’ve collected quite a few Peerspace Tips along the way, and I’m so excited to share them with you.



  1. Keep your personal photos out of the main public areas. Mine are isolated to the fridge and my private quarters. This just makes it easier for guests to blend into space and feel at home.
  2. Keep the room tidy, or have a hiding plan. – Let’s be honest, you can’t live in a spotless home, but you can keep it clean enough where you can tidy up in 20 minutes or less. Before events we do a quick sweep of the floors, wipe down all tabletops, and put away clutter or hide it in the closet.
  3. Use the peerspace app so you can communicate FAST!
  4. As you build credibility, start your listing prices low. Get acquainted with how everything works before you spring for a big payday. Once you’ve proven your value, then you can increase your hourly rate. But be fair. I’ve seen a few rather expensive homes in Austin never get booked, because the cost is too high, and the minimum number of hours is unreasonable. Just ask yourself, what is the time and effort worth to you? $50? $200? I keep my rates low because I like being able to serve a broader clientele. But whenever I get busier, the notion of leaving my house and finding stuff to do DOES become more cumbersome, so I’ll raise my rates as popularity increases.
Natural Light Flooded Living Room Mid Century Bohemian Home | 12 Peerspace Tips To Ensure Happy Hosts and Happier Guests | bohohousatx.com
Peerspace Tip For Hosts: Keep your space tidy, with lots of lighting options, and free from overly personalized decor


  1. Provide good adequate lighting. Natural light is HUGE for me, but sometimes it’s cloudy out, so my rooms have plenty of lamps and string lights to make up for it.
  2. Provide props! My guests love posing with the disco balls or hiding behind the palm fronds. Every home has something cool and unique to offer that will make the guest’s experience that much more memorable, what will yours be.
  3. 1.5 or 2-hour minimum. Be realistic about all the variables: You’re not just relying on yourself to be on time, often a model and crew are involved in shoots, on top of wardrobe and scenery changes. Almost every booking I’ve had that is scheduled for 1 hour goes over. So I’ve learned to ask they book for at least 2 hours.


Events are ideal if you have a LOT of space. I have a fair sized living room but a HUGE yard, so people like my house for intimate gatherings where you want to gather people but maybe don’t have space at your house, or don’t want to foot the bill at a restaurant. It’s a fun and cost-friendly option for them! And I love the fact that my house is now home to so many cherished moments. We do mostly birthday parties, baby or bridal showers, but we’ve also done a small backyard wedding, as well as a few live shows!

The beautiful, chic, clean, eclectic kitchen of BOHO HOUSE ATX | 12 Peerspace Tips To Ensure Happy Hosts and Happier Guests | Bohohousatx.com
Peerspace Event Tip: Be transparent about what you have to offer, set expectations in advance, and keep lots of paper towels on hand (just in case)

Here are my EVENT takeaways:

  1. Keep toilet paper stocked.
  2. Place towels and a broom where they’re easy to find. Because people spill, it’s a fact.
  3. 3-hour minimum. The time booked should include time for set-up and take-down. Most people need 30 minutes to 1 hour on both ends for this. (If the time they requested to book feels too short, you can confirm that they’ve allotted the time for this before you accept.)
  4. Be transparent about what you have to offer. I don’t have a dining table, but I have a huge backyard, so I’m just really transparent in the listing about this. If it’s a FORMAL dinner party I usually recommend they rent furniture, or host somewhere else. But a casual dinner party would work just fine in my hard! My goal is to not give any false expectations.
  5. YOU, the Peerspace Host, get to set your own rules and vet each of your guests. If you have any anxiety over controlling the environment, rest assured that you have pretty much as much control as you need. For example, If you don’t want evening parties, just don’t make your space available at night. If you feel uncomfortable with adults under 21 in your home, set an age limit! It’s easy, just be smart about it.

Like these tips? Got your own tips to share? Let me know down in the comments!

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Lisa Loperfido

Lisa Loperfido

Lisa Loperfido is the owner and designer behind BOHO HOUSE ATX, a beautiful, chic, mid-century modern home nestled in Austin, TX. Her house is an inspiration, and a gathering place for creatives and friends. Her website (bohohouseatx.com) is an extension, a place for decorating tricks and homeowner tips, so anyone can live the boho dream.
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