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Peerspace Quickstart Guide | How To Make Extra Money With Peerspace

Is your home immaculately decorated? Do you stay up to date with the latest trends? …Or maybe forget the trends, do you have your own personal flair and style all your own?

If you have a home that’s worthy of a few hundred Instagram likes, why not make some easy extra money on the side by renting it out for photo shoots or events?

This amazing side business has enabled me to make money from home, with my home, and all from the convenience of a simple online tool and app.

The app is called Peerspace. It’s free to sign up and start using, (sign up right here!)


The Peerspace app connects people who are looking for unique venues for photo shoots, film productions, and events with real people’s homes. It’s like Airbnb – but by the hour, and no one spends the night.

On the host’s side (that’s where YOU and I come in), Peerspace allows homeowners to list their stunning spaces for venue-seekers to book by the hour.

Here’s what my listings look like.

The most common things people book my house for on Peerspace:

1. PHOTOSHOOTS – People come and shoot for everything from fashion, photographers building their portfolio, family photos, senior photos, boudoir photo shoots, product photography for products or boutiques, and lifestyle photos.

2. EVENTS – People book for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, gender reveal parties, and even small weddings and receptions.


As I mentioned, Peerspace is similar to Airbnb. It’s free to sign up and easy to use; you list your space, people rent it. You can message your guests on the mobile app, website, or via email.

Peerspace takes care of all the contracts and fine print for you.

You can make extra cash online, (no survey’s required) and the only paperwork is a 1099 that they’ll send over in tax season. Simple enough, right? Keep reading for the step-by-step below in our ‘how to sign up‘ section.


Be a good host and an excellent communicator

  • BE NICE! Use common sense when communicating within the app, and be friendly. We’re all just people!
  • Be as detailed and clear as possible so the guest has a clear vision of what to expect.

On the day of the event:

  1. CLEAN or PREP
  2. WELCOME YOUR GUESTS – If I’m not home to let them in, I shoot them a message to let them know everything is ready and how to enter.
  3. LEAVE the house during the booking – I use this time to run errands, try new restaurants, hit a trail, catch a movie… (It’s the perfect excuse to keep the house clean and explore the city)

Of course, I already have a nicely decorated home. So that’s no additional cost or burden to me. But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Because your home is beautiful too, and you want to make some extra cash by letting others rent it out!


I know this post sounds like it’s all about how to make money from home! (Hey, it got you to click!) But I also want to share how much I LOVE being a part of it for the community aspect too.

Being a host on Peerspace enables me to promote the arts and help save people money while creating cherished memories.

Many new photographers book with me because they can’t afford to book an Airbnb or use a more expensive venue. Especially if they only need it for a few hours.

I’ve also had several people who have rented my home for an event tell me they just needed something bigger than their apartment but didn’t want to commit to a restaurant or something bigger and more costly! The fact that Peerspace is hourly is truly convenient for the booker and bookie.

Another benefit is that I can manage my peerspace bookings and requests all from my phone, it’s similar to having another social media app – I just remember to check daily.

Now I’m not saying I’m about to quit my regular job or start investing in more real estate properties, but the extra side cash does help cover some of my mortgage and bills! 🙂

Since starting last year, I bring in about $1000 extra cash a month on average, with 5-10 events per month.


  1. The startup cost is $0 so it’s really just a question of WHEN will you get started?
  2. I say HOME, but it doesn’t have to be your whole house, just one really good room will do. In fact, most of my guests just book the living room for photoshoots or the backyard for events. If you have a beautiful home – even JUST A room – I highly recommend considering listing it out.
  3. You have full control of who, when, and where. So if a certain time doesn’t work for you, simply decline.
  4. Hosting so many events and photoshoots forces me to keep the house clean, and when people rent it I try not to be home, so it’s a wonderful excuse to find a new brunch spot on the weekend or catch a movie at night.
  5. If you’re stuck in the office all day but like to be home during the weekends… just list it during the weekdays and you can
  6. It’s not quite passive income, but it is very minimal effort. This app works FOR you, not against.


First, you’ll create a Peerspace account and a listing, then they’ll approve you.

he Peerspace site and app are really easy to understand and use, all contracts are signed digitally, and they have lots of FAQ pages if you need guidance.

It’s so easy. Don’t even hesitate, just give it a try and see how you like it! Sign up right here and start MAKING EXTRA MONEY as a PEERSPACE HOST.

Here, I’ll save my breath, their site says it better than I can:

image courtesy of

I listed my space about a year ago and I started making $100s a week almost immediately. I was filling a need I didn’t even know existed!! That’s why I’m so eager to share this with you!

You can do it too. The amount of effort is minimal, and the amount of value you add to your community is PRICELESS.

Once you’ve listed your space on the app, all you have to do is manage your guests and provide a pleasant experience.


Peerspace has given me an incredible opportunity to share my home with others. I absolutely love inspiring creativity for photo shoots, creating a welcoming and quiet environment for film interviews, and a pleasant cozy pace for events!

Peerspace has been a game-changer for me, and I hope it can do the same for you.

Let me know if you decide to list your space, and how it goes! Got any questions? Send them my way!


I plan on sharing more of my journey with you – so let’s stay in touch. I’d love to connect with you!


Follow me on Instagram @bohohouse_ATX for live inspiration and tips.

Please note, this is NOT an ad. I’m truly just a big fan. However, when you use my sign up link I get a little referral bonus. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Lisa Loperfido

Lisa Loperfido

Lisa Loperfido is the owner and designer behind BOHO HOUSE ATX, a beautiful, chic, mid-century modern home nestled in Austin, TX. Her house is an inspiration, and a gathering place for creatives and friends. Her website ( is an extension, a place for decorating tricks and homeowner tips, so anyone can live the boho dream.
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  1. Peerspace is great! I make $1000 a week renting my space on Peerspace. I make $75 to 150 an hour.

    I don’t work another job. I do have a life partner who helps with rent though.

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