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bohohouse atx FAQ - peerspace rental common questions

These Frequently Asked Questions are specifically for booking at BohoHouseATX.

Please visit Peerspace’s FAQ and Support page here if you have general questions about using the platform.

You can also message me on the platform with any further questions! Just click the MESSAGE HOST option (see below).

Without further ado, I give you…

Peerspace Frequently Asked Questions (Boho House ATX)

What is Peerspace?

It’s a platform where a homeowner can list their personal property as a venue for others to book.

Typical bookings include photoshoots, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, video productions, rehearsal dinners, micro weddings, interviews, and more!

Think of Peerspace like Airbnb, but by the hour instead of overnight! The app works in similar ways too. You can book online or via mobile, and everything is exchanged through the platform. Once the booking is finalized I’ll send over all the details you’ll need for the day of (address, how to get in, etc.) Typically we will never even cross paths.

Who is Peerspace for?

For Listers: Homeowners (like me!) or business owners who want an opportunity to share their space with others.

For Guests: Any person looking for a space to host a gathering, event, popup, photoshoot, meeting, dinner party, celebration, and more!

How do I book?

Booking on Peerspace is very similar to booking on Airbnb:

Login to Peerspace and select the time and date you wish to book.

Usually, guests submit an inquiry first (but you can also jump straight to booking).

  • If it’s an inquiry, start by sending me a message. (Click that MESSAGE HOST button.) This will open up a prompt where you can select time and write your message – this is where you tell me how you intend to use the space and if you have any questions.
  • Submit a booking request. Fill out the information and click REQUEST TO BOOK.

We can message back and forth to answer questions. When ready I will accept the booking!

  • I can also update the booking on my end if there are any changes to make, you will need to approve those changes in order to lock them in. The platform makes this process very intuitive.

After the booking is finalized I will send over the rest of the details (address, how to enter, etc.)

On the day of the event I’ll message you the code to enter the house.

We can continue to stay in touch before the event as often as you want. I am happy to help answer any questions.

For further info on using the platform please refer to Peerspace’s support page.

Can anyone list their home on Peerspace?

If you own a property and are allowed to in your community, then YES!!

Will you be home while we book?

No, I will not. This is your private space for the time you’ve booked.

I do live here while you’re not present tho, and any closed doors are off-limits to guests. Please respect our privacy, just as we respect yours! 🙂

How do you get those pretty disco lights everywhere?

That’s disco ball magic, baby! All you need is a disco ball and a sunny day and your home will be flooded with the beautiful starry sky to daydream under.

There are a few disco balls lying around eagerly awaiting your use. Here’s the catch, it has to be DIRECT LIGHT, meaning it must be clear and sunny outside!

I’m in Austin Texas so this is the norm, but clouds do roll through… On these days I have adequate lighting to support your photoshoot or event, but there may not be any disco magic that day.

Can I come by and see it before I book?

Absolutely! Seeing the space visually can be important for the layout and flow of some events.

Message me in the Peerspace app and we’ll find a time that works for both of our schedules. I can also FaceTime if the bookkee can’t make it in person.

It says the limit is 35 people, is it ok if I have more guests? 

Every booking includes only 1 bathroom. Because of this, I recommend 35 or fewer guests. However, you can also add-on the 2nd bathroom upstairs for a $30 flat rate. (This can be done through Add-Ons, which is available within the booking process)

Our yard is huge and could hold a lot more than 35, but the inside will get a little tighter if everyone was forced to cram together. It’s really up to you, and how you feel about the guests and the weather.

How big is the yard?

The lot is about 1/2 acre! It goes back more than twice as far as the average yard in Austin, making it a great place for entertaining! Pictures don’t do it justice, but you can watch my tour on IGTV!

What is the recommended booking time? 

Please book all the time you plan on utilizing the space – this includes set up, tear down, traffic, and late-arrivals.

For an event, the average booking time is 3-5 hours. Think 30-60 minutes to settle in, 1 hour to wrap up (often longer since people want to stay and chat), then 2-3 hours between!

For productions, the average booking time ranges from 90 minutes for a single session, to a full day if there’s a whole crew or multiple wardrobe changes!

It really depends on what you need. If you’re not sure, I’d be happy to discuss it with you based on my own experience.

Sometimes we have back to back events, and I like to get in and clean between each one, so it’s very important that all guests are mindful of the time they’ll require.

Can I arrive early to set up?

If you need to change the amount of time you plan on using the space last-minute, just message me! Often I’m very flexible and can help you update the booking, but I would appreciate knowing in advance so arrangements can be made.

Can I stay late?

If you want to stay late please just message me! Sometime’s it’s totally fine, but sometime’s there’s an event right after so we aren’t able to. If you message me on Peerspace or text me in advance we can make the necessary arrangements. Peerspace has an option where I can also add more time to the listing after the event is over, and I’m happy to help with this.

I noticed on Instagram that you have cats, what if I or my guests have allergies?

I have two of the sweetest cats in the world, their names are Gatito and Sweetie.

During events, they are locked up behind closed doors upstairs away from all the action.

We also clean, sweep, mop, and vacuum before every event to ensure that the home is as clean and dander-free as possible before our guests arrive!

I have friends with cat allergies, and I’ve had several guests with cat allergies, and no one has ever had any issues before.

They are precious, but they are also shy of strangers and will most likely not even make a sound.

Do you recycle?

Yes, there’s a recycling bin on the side of the house by the garage.

There’s also a trash can there too, for events we ask you please dispose of your trash in these bins, and of course, always do your best to recycle appropriately. 😉

Any more questions? Message Me!

Peerspace Power Host - Lisa Loperfido - Boho House ATXI’ve tried to be as detailed as possible, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Message me within the Peerspace messenger platform for the fastest response (click MESSAGE HOST).

You can also DM me on Instagram, but I don’t get notifications so if you message me there I will not see it right away.

Thanks for following along and showing interest in my home and venue! I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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